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WRITTEN BY lclark 3 years ago

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Happy New Year! Legislative session kicked off this week with a rather slow start due to the week-long inaugural events taking place in or around the State House. All of the newly-elected or reelected Constitutional Officers and South Carolina House of Representatives have now been sworn into office and the real work will begin next week with Governor Haley’s State of the State Address taking place Wednesday evening. On Monday, the Transportation Infrastructure and Management Ad Hoc Committee met for over two and a half hours. However, there was no new testimony given and most of the discussion focused on:
  • Auditing the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT)
  • Correcting any problems at SCDOT before they look to funding solutions
  • Shifting more roads to the counties along with funding
  • Possible changes to the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank.
Not much was agreed upon on any of these topics. Representative Chip Limehouse had one of the best lines of the meeting when he said, “we can audit SCDOT and cut and streamline the entire department but you aren’t going to find the $42 billion needed to fix our deteriorating road system.” The committee plans to meet again next week to being developing a plan moving forward. I will keep everyone posted on any updates or significant progress from the Infrastructure Ad Hoc Committee. On a final note, Governor Haley may release the first details of her infrastructure plan in her State of the State Address. Until next week!
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