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Whether you live in Mount Pleasant or not, you probably know someone who does. Please share this information with any of your friends and family who live in Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant is bustling with 80,000 residents, full of young families and retirees, grade school students and hardworking professionals. It stretches from the Cooper River to Carolina Park and beyond. It encompasses villages and lakes and boulevards and creeks. It is, in short, home.
And our home, like the rest of our region, is growing.
While growth can create a feeling of uncertainty, even fear, it is possible to protect the quality of life we cherish while continuing to thrive. But managing growth doesn’t mean saying no to every project or being afraid of new construction. It doesn’t mean denying every zoning change and railing against each new building that meets all requirements.
Growth management means thoughtful consideration of individual projects on their own merits in the context of a broader vision. It means having an ongoing conversation with neighbors.
In Mount Pleasant, growth management also means balancing coastal charm – both in aesthetic and attitude – with the reality that Mt. Pleasant is the fourth largest municipality in South Carolina and one of the fastest growing places in the country. None of that is bad. Some of it is different – but the Ravenel Bridge alone ensured change would come. Our region’s growth – spurred by its natural beauty and its attractiveness to industry – has merely exacerbated the need for us to consider Mount Pleasant’s future and adapt. Shouldn’t Mount Pleasant be an open and welcoming place, full of character and Southern hospitality? Shouldn’t it offer opportunity and open arms? Shouldn’t it be a place we can all live TOGETHER?   Related: Why is the Chamber involved? Fact Vs. Fiction News twitter1_45x45 facebook_icon Together Mount Pleasant is brought to you by the Partnership for Responsible Growth
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