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Membership: A True Business Building Relationship Your decision to become a stakeholder in our Chamber will provide you with the "growth ingredients" to successfully build your business in the years ahead. You will also be joining and adding to the collective clout of partners interested in pro-actively advancing the business environment and quality of place of greater Charleston. Below you will find clear, tangible reasons to make this important investment in the future of your business and the Lowcountry. HELP YOUR BUSINESS PROSPER We will provide your business with resources and tools for you to sustain and grow your company.
Offer owner training and leadership development programs Facilitate peer-to-peer connecting opportunities Provide training options for members' employees Seek continuous feedback from owners - offer owner centric programming
ADVANCE A PRO-BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Our business advocacy team will actively lobby on behalf of your business locally, in Columbia, and in our nation's capital.
Create and implement a "game changing" business agenda that will address South Carolina's state tax system , unemployment and workers' compensation systems and other critical state objectives Pursue critical local business environment enhancement opportunities: Port deepening,sufficient highway and road systems, advancement of Joint Command Charleston and SPAWAR
IDENTIFY AND ELECT PRO-BUSINESS CANDIDATES The quality of elected officials we can bring to bear will strengthen Charleston's prospects for long term growth and your immediate business competitiveness.
Provide direct election and campaign support to local and state business candidates Launch a candidate identification and orientation program featuring business and free enterprise principles Analyze voting records and reward those who vote to adopt a business policy agenda
HELP BUSINESSES INVEST HERE Over the next five years the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce will be undertaking a $5 million plus program to strengthen and advance our region. It will focus on:
Innovating the Charleston regional economy Strengthening our existing talent and attracting new talent Advocating for a competitive 21st century business environment Our job is to promote and advance businesses that build greater Charleston.
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The Regional Economic Scorecard compares our region to similar markets.

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