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In a rapidly evolving global economy, staying competitive and being successful is contingent upon employers having the talent to fulfill their workforce needs both now, and in the future. The Charleston Metro Chamber knows this and works diligently to increase our region’s talent pipeline by providing career education and tools that connect employers and future employees. One such tool recently launched is the Charleston Regional Career Headlight (CRCH), an online portal used to learn about careers in the region, career requirements, pay levels and the best fit for a job seeker based on his/her goals. It’s a one-stop resource that helps students, parents and adults seeking employment navigate the educational and job opportunities available throughout the three-county region. Educators can use Career Headlight to help their students learn more about careers of interest so they can take the coursework needed to prepare. Parents can also use the resource to help their children and adults will find the tool helpful for their career options. Career counselors, college students, researchers and more, will make better career choices that align with our growing and changing economy using the data provided by Career Headlight. Features include:
  • Up-to-date job demand and education data in each county
  • Top careers ranked by salary, growth and other metrics for each county
  • Careers filtered by level of education required (one-year certificate, two-year Associate’s, etc.) and career field (medical, business, etc.)
  • A list of educational institutions and their certificate and degree programs matched to each career
  • A two-minute survey that lets users pick their top skills on 20 sliders and see a list of matching careers
  • The ability to bookmark education and career choices, using a password-protected account
The CRCH provides a much needed regional resource, increasing metro Charleston’s competitiveness as a global economy in numerous ways:
  • Employers want a better way to match people’s interests with the skills required for available careers in the region and link them to local education and training
  • Communities want to retain their workers and young people when they graduate and the region wants to retain its talented workforce
  • When career seekers pursue areas of high job growth in the region, it supplies local business and industry with needed qualified workers
  • It provides a one-stop resource that covers occupations and education programs across our region
Share this resource with any students and job seekers you know so they can experience the headlight at Opportunity awaits as they light their way to the future! Financial support for Career Headlight is provided by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments and SC Works Trident.
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