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Leadership Discovery Tips

Things to keep in mind if you are accepted into the Leadership Discovery program:

Learn about yourself.

The program kicks off with a Leadership Discovery workshop. This will give you a practical framework for understanding yourself and others better. As a participant of Leadership Discovery, you will also receive a unique DISC assessment. This personal development tool provides an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into yourself, your interpersonal skills and your team interactions.

Bring your whole-self.

The program is designed to be a series of conversations between you and many of Charleston’s business leaders. Bring an enthusiastic voice and personal point-of-view to each mentor conversation—ask questions, listen, learn, explore and contribute.

Read your InfoPAK

The Leadership Discovery InfoPAK you will receive as a participant is filled with bios, perspectives, interests, backgrounds, questions and answers. Get to know not only the executives who will be speaking with you but those sitting next to you. And don’t stop there. Magazines, newspapers, TV, internet and water cooler conversations are all great places to expand your knowledge of the industries and individuals involved in the Leadership Discovery program.

Create time.

The work week keeps all of us busy. But to get the most possible from the Leadership Discovery experience, carve out the time and mental space to arrive at these sessions on-time and engaged and excited for the conversations about to be had.

Give back.

As you participate in Leadership Discovery conversations, it is up to you to share what you’ve learned with your team, your organization and the greater Charleston community. We hope you will serve as an ambassador, mining the ideas and perspectives that come from this program and carrying them forward to a wider audience.  
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