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Leadership Discovery FAQ’s

What’s the difference between Leadership Discovery and a traditional mentor program?

In a traditional mentor program, participants are paired with one mentor for a specified period of time. Through Leadership Discovery, a group of participants are simultaneously exposed to multiple leaders over a five-month period.  This small group format allows attendees to participate in a healthy peer-to-peer dialogue designed to enhance the mentoring experience.

Will the Chamber offer a traditional mentor program this year?

No.  Leadership Discovery is an enhancement of the one-on-one mentoring program that we previously offered through Charleston Young Professionals.  With the added benefits such as a personalized DISC assessment, peer discussions and a three-course etiquette dinner, Leadership Discovery is sure to provided participants with a much more robust program than the traditional program provided.

I am interested in being a mentor.  How do I get involved?

If you are interesting in sharing your leadership story with emerging leaders, please contact Erica Wright ( or Alex Glasgow (
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