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Infrastructure Bill Update- There’s Still Time To Call

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WRITTEN BY lclark 2 years ago

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On Tuesday, the SC Senate met for nearly eight hours with Senator Tom Davis continuing to filibuster the infrastructure funding bill. They met again at 2 p.m. today (Wednesday). There is progress being made behind the scenes as both the Republicans and Democrats work on a compromise that most can agree to. That work is continuing as we speak. Once an agreement has been reached they will then begin the process to invoke a Senate procedure to bring an end to the fillabuster, called cloture, and begin true debate on the bill. If you have not  already done so, please call the Senators below and ask them to support the road funding legislation when it comes up for a vote. It is critical they hear from you on the most important issue for the business community and all South Carolinians. One voice may not make much of a difference, but all of our  collective voices together make an undeniable impact. Every call is important. Every voice they hear is a solid reminder that the business community, the economic engine of the state, is united and telling them to take action and #FixSCRoads. Here is a simple message you can use: My name is (first, last); I live in (city/town) and I’m a registered voter. I urge you to pass a road funding bill this year.
Senator Sean Bennett 803.212.6116
Senator Paul Campbell 803.212.6016
Senator Chip Campsen 803.212.6340
Senator Larry Grooms 803.212.6400
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