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Advocacy and Support

Pro-business advocates working for you at the local, state and federal levels.

Legislative Priorities and Updates:

The Chamber is committed to promoting legislation that will improve the business climate and positively impact the region’s economy. A full-time lobbyist and advocacy team members are your voice in the halls of government, keeping you updated on issues that directly impact your business while you work in and on your business. Learn More Button

Working For You:

A full-time lobbyist and advocacy team are your voice in the halls of government, representing you at the local, state and federal levels to strengthen the business climate while you work in and on your business.Together, we are the collective voice of the business region. Learn More Button

White Papers and Reports:

Stay in the know on priority issues affecting business with the Chamber’s white papers and reports. From infrastructure to the race for talent, you and your employees have access to a wealth of information and research with the click of a button. Learn More Button

Telling Your Story:

Succeeding in your small business operations requires a great business setting. Occasionally that means speaking with an elected official to share a decision’s impact on your bottom line. The Chamber can assist you with contact information and walk you through every step of your legislative outreach. Learn More Button


Meet and talk with legislators through events that connect elected officials with constituents including Legislative Reception, State Delegation Appreciation and more. Navigate elections by following the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (CMCC PAC) for endorsements of candidates in local races who support the business environment. Learn More Button
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The Regional Economic Scorecard compares our region to similar markets.

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