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2015 Regional Economic Scorecard

The Charleston Regional Development Alliance and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce present the 2015 Regional Economic Scorecard for the community.
It is intended to be a resource; to guide & inform discussions by local leaders regarding strategies for building a globally competitive economy now and into the future.
The Chamber’s Center for Business Research facilitated the research & analyzed the data, which was primarily sourced through the Charleston Regional Competitiveness Center. The Lowcountry Graduate Center and the Riley Center for Livable Communities at the College of Charleston provided the academic lens. The 2015 Scorecard uses data to measure how our market is performing compared to eight comparative communities in the country. This is a departure from previous reports which measured against six comparative communities in the Southeastern U.S. and two aspirational metros. We ask readers to consider the impact our challenges have on our ability to produce, attract, and retain a skilled workforce, and what actions you can take to help ensure this region thrives now and into the future. Economic Scorecard Advocacy Plan download-black     Related: 2014 Economic Scorecard
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The Regional Economic Scorecard compares our region to similar markets.

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